Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm Korean?

Obama's speech on financial regulatory changes here.

@ work:
On Monday I got to help out here, and here. The Blair House has BH imprinted on the napkins in the bathroom...I almost took one. Haha.
It was worth it to wake up at 5 AM and work until 7:30 PM to get a glimpse of Hills on her way in. She wore a turquoise suit.

The hotel was interesting. Apparently lobbyists got their name by lingering in the lobby of the Willard Hotel during the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant.
Anyway, a whole bunch of people from Seoul came to prepare for President Lee's visit with President Obama. Text of press conference here.

One of the guys from Korea walked by me and asked where the men's room was. I told him I thought it was around the corner, and he continued to walk in that direction. I realized that other people might ask in the future, so I started walking a little bit behind him towards the men's room as well, and when he saw me he said [in Korean]: "Why are you chasing me?!"
So I explained to him that I was just checking to see where the men's room was so that I could tell people in the future.

Later that day, he came by and introduced himself to the interns, and asked us where we were from and what we were doing at the Embassy. When it was my turn to introduce myself, he said, "Oh yes, you're the girl who followed me to the bathroom, right?" Soy embarrassed!
And then we bonded over the fact that other Koreans always think we're either Japanese, or part Caucasian...which is weird because I really only get that from other Koreans. I guess they feel like I don't belong?
Since working at the Embassy, I have become painfully aware of how American I am.
This summer will be quite the learning experience.

In other news:
Professor Lucas sent me this b/c she remembered my previous post about missing women. Sigh. I miss my professors, and having my friends just minutes away from me at all times...

Twitter is shaping events in Iran: interesting.
Funny conversation about a serious matter:
Eamon: I just don't think EVERYONE in the world is better than Ahmadinejad the way Americans make it seem. Didn't Moussavi kill like tons of people?
Shakes: You know what Eamon. Not everyone's perfect, ok?

This past weekend, Chands and I went to see Giselle and got free orchestra seats! But we decided that we don't like the character, Giselle. First, she falls in love w/this guy who lies to her about not being engaged to someone else. Then she dies of a broken heart. [lame] Meanwhile, this other guy who really loves her too goes to her grave, and as a ghost, she does nothing to protect him from the other ghosts who curse him. But she ends up saving the guy who broke her heart while she was alive. WTF. What a tool...

Monday night I went to Cactus Cantina with Eamon and Shakes. Apparently it's Bush's favorite restaurant in D.C. It was delicious.

Life is delicious. I'll just keep telling myself that until I stop missing Wellesley.


  1. Esther, your piece of writing is so interesting with impressive links....!
    I want to chase after you.....!!!

  2. I love the way you post your journals with links...! Such a great future-scholar...!!!

    I am chasing after you in creating the blog.

  3. Eunju! too bad the dude from Seoul didn't want to be chased by me. HA.

  4. omg who are these commenters?

  5. haha. they're both my co-intern! she was there when the weird seoul dude confronted me.

  6. haha. We went to cactus cantina with eamon during spring break! How awesome that you got to go there too!