Friday, July 10, 2009

Crossword #3!

This is a strange looking one... [click on images for better resolution]

Also, 5 down reminds me of this hilarious blog post. Here's a preview:

"...if I was a degenerate crackhead who snuck into your neighborhood and mugged you for $50, the Wall Street Journal Opinion Page would want me thrown in jail. Now imagine that I’m a degenerate crackhead who took out a subprime loan to move next door to you, in an arrangement that I’m likely not going to pay off. I might not even make one payment. If I default you’ll lose 10% of the value of your home from the externality effect. Assuming your home is worth $300,000, there’s a 20% chance I default in 2 years (realistic numbers), and you lose 10%; 300,000*.2*.1 = I’ve just robbed you for $6,000 while the Wall Street Journal Opinion Page cheered me on. And that’s one house – I’ll have a dozen neighbors. Now mind you, the product was great for me – I got to smoke crack indoors, in a house I could never realistically afford, which was a big plus. The subprime lender sold my loan to a pension fund in Denmark for a nice fee. It goes in the win column for us."

Happy Friday~


  1. esther, fyi, this crossword is really hard! I don't even know what core capital ratio is! haha

  2. Answers!

    1) beggar
    2) medicare
    5) mortgages
    8) congestion

    3) twelve
    4) jobless
    6) doha
    7) han
    9) banking
    10) feinberg
    11) industrialize
    12) two