Thursday, November 26, 2009


My favorite holiday of the year. For obvious reasons.

Some things that I am thankful for:

1) - donate to your favorite causes just by sending e-mails! [fabulous. i love donating other people's money! haha]

2) - because I hate going to separate webpages for facebook, twitter, gmail, etc. Thank you, threadsy, for pulling me together. You've come a long way since your unifime days.

3) my job, which allowed me to have a kid without the messiness of giving birth. I just signed up to sponsor a child through It's awesome! You can donate a GOAT AND TWO CHICKENS for $100. LOVES IT.

4) The Economist.

5) my people (this includes family, friends, blog followers, etc.)

6) my dog.

7) and how could I forget, the independence of the Fed.


  1. Haha. like my refrigerator kid?? I already sent you munchies! I just got the WorldVision packet in the mail! Excited to send her math puzzles! JYEAH.