Sunday, April 25, 2010

Increased temperatures --> increased migration

Looks like Senator Graham has had enough. He is frustrated that climate change is taking a backseat to immigration...
I feel ya, Graham.

Colbert's take on immigration reform in Arizona.

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Recently added to my Google Reader: Green Blog!
Watch the 18 minute video chronicling the life of the plastic bag!

Weekend was fun. Hung out with the babycakes. Played hide and seek for the first time in like 15 years.


  1. big fuckin fail, AZ. your cousies look so cute! the lil girl on the left kinda reminds me of dko...

  2. friend, i hope you are being sarcastic about immigration being more important than climate change...

    PS: the "babycakes" are super cute!

  3. hmm? are you talking about the title? that's an arrow. like, if temperatures rise, migration will increase. and yeah, my baby cousins have perfect skin! i'm jealous.