Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th

I firmly believe that NYC is better than Boston at everything, EXCEPT 4th of July fireworks.

I miss you, fatkids.

I wish I were in either NYC or Boston today. Maybe I'll run into some rowdy expats here in Seoul.  =)


  1. Just spent my first 4th of July in NYC (moved in the 3rd!!) and I was a bit unsure as to whether NYC fireworks are inferior to Boston or that I just had a shitty view at 52nd st because some highway was blocking the low fireworks. Thanks for clearing that up :-D

  2. last year, when i spent fourth of july in seoul, we got mexican food. thought that would be the most american thing to do.

  3. I spent the Fourth of July lost in Brooklyn and Jamaica trying to look for bbqs. I ended up eating instant ramen when I came back home.
    Woe is me....