Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Day In the Life Of...

My team is insane, in the best possible way.

One guy flew in from China for the UN MDG summit and is now flying over to India. Yeah...that's right. China --> NY --> India in a span of like 5 days. INSANE.

Two guys got invited to Leonardo DiCaprio's house for dinner tomorrow night. One had to decline because he's just THAT busy. INSANE.

One guy managed to get everyone ground passes (pretty much unlimited access to all of the UN). INSANE.

Two guys made time to have dinner and watch Promises, Promises with me! INSANE given how busy these guys are.

I couldn't catch a cab after the MDG summit so I took a pedicab for the first time and it was THE MOST FUN THING EVER. And we ended up taking one after the Broadway show. Two pedicab rides in one night?! INSANE!

NYC is adding tax on clothing and shoes soon. INSANE. That has nothing to do with work, but I felt the need to add it. WTF NY?


  1. I don't suppose he flew economy either...

    What did you think of Promises, Promises? I saw it a few weekends ago with Bing. Sorry about not getting back faster with those restaurant recommendations -- to be honest, I don't know much about NYC restaurants

  2. Fran is stupid. Marge is AWESOME. And Sean Hayes is so f-ing adorable.

    We had dinner at Nougatine since I had been there before and it was pretty good. But wanted to branch out and try something different. I had Baohaus the other day. It was AMAZING!

  3. GOODNESS! The people you work with are crazy! I want to go to Leonardo DiCaprio's house for dinner! I bet his personal chef makes a badass chocolate cake!

  4. ooh, pedicab! sounds fun! can the pedicab drivers make chit-chat while they're driving those things? i suppose it may depend on how much you weigh...

  5. my pedicab driver was awesome. he went so fast and it was SO fun. when I took the pedicab with chris and mattia, the biker wasn't as fast, but still faster than i expected given that there were two men sitting with me.