Friday, February 6, 2009


It's that little flame...that lights a fire under your ass. (Avenue Q soundtrack)

I have this terrible fear that once I graduate from college, I will not remember all of the wonderful things I have learned. I went through Econ withdrawal during our one month winter-session, so I can't imagine how I will feel once I graduate.

Therefore, I have decided to keep this blog to remind myself of the interesting things that I learn from the people of Pendleton 4th. (Econ dept) I think Econ is fun in itself, but sometimes I try to make it more fun by making weird analogies...maybe you will think it's fun too. Maybe you'll even learn something from me. That's a rare occurrence. I feel like I'm always the one doing all the learning.

Anyway, I'll probably post random events in life as well so as to make my blog not too nerdy...


  1. esther, i'm so excited about this blog, it's not even funny.

  2. don't get too excited. haha. it'll probably be way dryer than my Paris blog...but at least I know you'll appreciate the economics. =P
    i'll try to make you laugh from time to time evs. b/c you do me the same favor in class every day.