Monday, February 15, 2010

Roses are red, violets are blue, Hank Paulson loves Wellesley women too!

I hope everyone had a happy lunar new year and valentine's day!
My aloe vera plant, Henry, now has a friend named Zach.  Yay!

I bought myself Hank Paulson's new book, On the Brink, yesterday.  A funny comment was made about Paulson the other day, I can't remember where...but someone said, "Here is a man who is too big to fail."  Ha.
Anyway, I really like Paulson's book so far.  But maybe I'm biased because Hank Paulson is clearly a fan of Wellesley women.  He writes:
"I come from a line of strong women -- smart independent, plain-spoken women[...]My mother inherited her grit and determination from her own mother, Kathrun Schmidt, who graduated from Wellesley College in 1914 and supported her family through the Depression[...]My mom, Marianna Gallauer, followed her to Wellesley, graduating in 1944."
"In my senior year, several weeks before graduation, I met Wendy Judge, a junior at Wellesley, on a blind date set up by a friend.  I was immature and behaved badly."  (Hrm...sounds sooo familiar!  Haha.)  "We went to a Boston Pops concert, and she was not impressed when I folded my program into a paper airplane and sailed it off the balcony at Arthur Fiedler, the conductor.  Wendy asked to be taken home early, and I thought I'd never hear from her again.  But she called me up later and invited my roommate and me to come down for Tree Day, a Wellesley celebration of spring.  So I had reason to think there was hope."

So cute.

Anyway, his book is not all about his love for Wellesley women.  (Who doesn't love Wellesley women, seriously...)
He talks about what it was like to tell Fannie and Freddie that they would be placed under a conservatorship.  He shares embarrassing moments and first impressions of certain politicians (Sarah Palin, of course)

I can't wait to devour this book.  I'm only four chapters in, but I highly recommend it.

[Confession: I wish I were in H.S. again when I could stay up all night reading books and not worry about having to sleep because I knew I could just sleep during classes the next day.  I'm pretty sure sleeping at work is frowned upon...]


  1. LOVE this post. OOOH who gave you roses? That is most def your windowsill, and thus your roses. Dish!

  2. you mean, YOU didn't send them Evelyne??