Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nerdy. Sexy.

"He's made nerdy sexy," said Rahm Emanuel

Tonight by midnight [from Peter Orszag's OMB Blog]
"In response to the President’s memo, we published a notice in the Federal Register, asking for comments and suggestions; to date, we have received over 140 responses. We have invited comments by a broad array of specialists in the field of regulatory policy. And we have had a number of meetings with people in the private sector. We even extended the original comment period because there was so much public interest. To those of you who sent us your thoughts, thank you. (And if you have not commented and would like to, there is still time; the comment period closes at midnight March 31, 2009. You can send your comments to oira_submission@omb.eop.gov)"

When Peter Orszag came to speak at Wellesley, I gave him a "Stop Global Warming" pin. [he gave a lecture on emissions trading]

I want to be friends with Peter Orszag!

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