Monday, March 23, 2009


Public-Private Investment Program

My spring break so far:
We met a rodeo princess at the Austin Rodeo.
I bought real cowboy boots.  Apparently, square toed cowboy boots are poser boots.
The Alamo Ritz was so fun.  We watched Adventureland, and I had fried pickles that were so delicious.
Went glowbowling for the first time in my life.
There's a lot of good vegetarian food in Austin.  I am pleasantly surprised.
Saw a sign at a diner that read: "Economy friendly prices!"

I am so warm and happy.

But I still need a job.

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  1. hey esther.. i just came across your blog today... anyways... omg the only thing that jumped out at me was "fried pickles"... the only thing that would prolly make that phrase even better are the words "a la mode"... that sounded weird didn't it..